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Harrison Medical Center is moving its flagship campus from Bremerton to Silverdale, where Harrison already maintains a network of facilities, the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal reports. A 400,000-square-foot, 240-bed hospital will be constructed in Silverdale at an estimated cost of…

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High rates of hospital re-admissions not only inflate health-care costs but also compromise patient safety. A number of efforts have been aimed at reducing re-admissions. One such effort, the State Action on Avoidable Re-hospitalizations Initiative, is seeking to cut the rate of hospital re-admissions in Michigan, Washington,…

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Although most of us would like to believe that all hospital patients receive equal medical treatment regardless of the types of insurance they have, that may not be the case. A new study suggests that patients with “better” insurance plans are more…

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Medical negligence lawyer Todd Tinker says the firm’s new site provides important information and support to victims of medical malpractice and birth injuries in Washington state. Bainbridge Island, Wash. – Seattle medical malpractice attorney Todd Tinker today announced that the…

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