Wrongful Death Settlements for Car Accidents

wrongful death settlements for car accidents

Car accidents kill more than 35,000 people in the United States every year, including drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians. When someone is killed in a car accident, it is unexpected and earth shattering, often leaving the family of the victim in a tailspin of grief and financial strain. While the bills for medical care and funeral expenses pile up, there are other losses to consider such as lost wages and loss of services that were once provided by the deceased family member. Wrongful death settlements for car accidents seek to recover damages for these losses so the family is better able to get back on their feet after the loss of their loved one.

Wrongful death claims: negligent drivers

There are certain types of motor vehicle accidents that are more likely to lead to fatalities, including:

  •       Car vs. semi-truck accident
  •       Car, SUV, or truck vs. pedestrian accident
  •       Car, SUV, or truck vs. bicycle accident
  •       Head-on collisions
  •       T-Bone accidents

When a fatal collision of any type happens because of a negligent driver, a wrongful death lawsuit may be an option to recover damages for the victim’s immediate family. Negligent driving behaviors include, driving while intoxicated, knowingly taking prescription medication that can cause drowsiness, aggressive driving, and running a red light, etc. In some cases, a wrongful death action may be brought against a vehicle manufacturer for mechanical defects in the vehicle.

Wrongful death in Washington State

Washington state law allows the decedent’s immediate surviving family members to pursue a wrongful death action against the negligent party. A local, experienced wrongful death attorney is best equipped to handle your wrongful death claim. They bring the expertise required to assess the value of your claim, complete a thorough investigation, interview expert witnesses, and negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf. Find an attorney who will walk you through each step of the process.

Valuing wrongful death settlements for car accidents

Each wrongful death claim for car accidents is unique; there isn’t one simple way for someone grieving a lost family member to calculate the value of their claim. It’s difficult to even come up with an average amount for a wrongful death settlement because there are many factors that go into the value of a wrongful death case. Items that must be calculated into the value of a wrongful death settlement include exact costs of the ambulance and Emergency Room care, medications, funeral expenses, pain and suffering of the victim before they died, the pain and suffering of the family members, loss of earning capacity, and more.

With so many factors that can affect the value of a case, it’s important to seek the help of a wrongful death lawyer who will be able to calculate a value range. It is best to seek advice as soon as possible after the loss of your loved one as there is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims; generally, three years in Washington State. If you do not pursue a wrongful death claim within the legal time allowed, you may lose your opportunity for a settlement.

When you hire an experienced wrongful death lawyer, you will be able to focus on healing after your unexpected loss. The personal injury lawyer will handle all the details of your claim and walk you through each step of the process.

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