Research suggests that patients are less likely to suffer complications after surgery when their operations are performed by surgeons whose skills are highly rated by other doctors. Medical researchers at the University of Michigan Health System looked at the relationship between the skills of 20 bariatric surgeons and the rates of post-surgery complications among more […]


It is well-established that patients from lower social economic backgrounds tend to have worse outcomes after surgery than wealthier patients. But the explanation for the poorer outcomes has not been well understood. According to new research published in JAMA Surgery, the problem may be a lower quality of care in hospitals that serve primarily poor […]


Cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability in children, affecting around a half million children and adults in the United States. What most people know about cerebral palsy is that it can make it difficult for children with the disability to control their muscles, walk, and communicate. But there are things about cerebral palsy […]

medical malpractice

With the passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, we’re reminded of the toll addiction has taken on those we know, most especially our clients who have lost loved ones. Mr. Hoffman’s heroin relapse, according to an interview he gave last year, was precipitated by exposure to prescription drugs. Prescription opioids were found in his apartment. […]

Our advocacy on behalf of legislation to reduce the cost of patient access to medical information was recently featured in an article written by attorney Elizabeth A. Hanley, of The Hanley Law Firm, PLLC. Below is a reprint of her article: Want to See Your Medical Records? Get Out Your Wallet Patients may be charged hundreds, […]


The health consequences of moderate or severe oxygen deprivation before or during birth are well known. However, new research by medical researchers at the University College Cork in Ireland finds that mild oxygen deprivation also may lead to long-term health problems. The researchers analyzed newborn babies who suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy at birth. This is […]


Injuries and errors linked to robotic surgery have recently come into the spotlight. However, federal officials have little accurate data on the number and types of such errors. Many hospitals have robotic systems in place, and robotic surgeries are being used in an increasing number of procedures, including gynecological and cardiovascular surgery. In 2012, the […]


According to the researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital, miscommunication among doctors, nurses, and other providers as they hand off the responsibility of caring for patients often leads to preventable medical errors, according to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Medical errors are a leading cause of preventable injuries and death in […]


The Emergency Care Research Institute, an organization of hospitals, insurers and others, releases an annual list of the top technology hazards. The hazards include medical devices and technologies that could harm patients if not used properly. At the top of the list this year are alarm hazards. Ventilator alarms and other devices that alert nurses to […]

Hospital Errors

A delayed diagnosis can be fatal. A 26-year-old medical school graduate died last year after going to a hospital complaining of headaches. The young woman’s parents say her death could have been prevented if doctors at a Pennsylvania hospital had ordered proper tests and diagnosed her condition in time to save her. No neurologist examined […]