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All surgeries involve some amount of risk. That’s why it’s so important that surgeons, medical staff, and hospitals do their jobs properly and professionally. When they make mistakes, vulnerable patients can suffer serious harm – including permanent disabilities or even fatal injuries. That’s when the Seattle surgical negligence attorneys at Tinker Law Firm, PLLC can help. They have the skills and experience to handle even the most complex cases involving medical mistakes.

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Surgical Errors & Negligence In Washington

In Washington, state law requires that acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, and certain other medical facilities report adverse health events – meaning medical errors the facilities could and should have avoided. Among the many types of adverse events that must be reported, five categories are set out for surgical events.

Since mandatory adverse event reporting began in mid-2006, Washington hospitals and surgical facilities have reported over 350 surgical adverse events. The reported events include over 200 instances in which foreign objects were left inside a patient’s body. In over 100 reported cases, surgery was performed on the wrong part of a patient’s body. Other errors included performing the wrong surgical procedure on a patient (36 reported events), and even performing surgery on the wrong patient (4 reported events).

Those numbers make it clear that Washington surgeons, hospitals, and surgical clinics can and do make serious mistakes, ones that may result in serious injury or even death for patients. When those mistakes reflect treatment that falls below the proper standard of medical care, surgical negligence is the result.

In addition to the grave errors that Washington medical facilities are required to report, other forms of surgical negligence can be more subtle, yet equally dangerous and harmful for patients. Surgical negligence can arise during all stages of the surgical process, whether during pre-operative care and preparation for surgery, during the surgery itself, or during the period of post-operative monitoring and care. Issues can include improper medication of patients prior to procedures, damaging mistakes during surgery committed by the surgeon or the many nurses and staff in and around the operating room, improper administration of anesthesia before and during the procedure, and improper monitoring to detect or prevent post-operative complications such as internal bleeding or blood clots.

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