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At Tinker Law Firm, PLLC our medical malpractice and birth injury attorneys are devoted to helping victims of medical negligence. Our focus on medical personal injury claims means that our attorneys and staff know what it takes to get results for injured patients and their families. Every day, we put our skills and experience to work for victims of all types of medical negligence in Washington.  We also handle other personal injury claims, including cases arising from car, truck and motorcycle accidents.

We represent medical malpractice claimants throughout the state of Washington. We charge no fee unless we recover money on your behalf. For a free initial consultation about your case, simply call us at (206) 752-4366 or use our online contact form.

Cerebral palsy and other serious birth injuries

Injuries to babies are devastating for many reasons, not the least of which is the need for intensive and expensive medical care. Not all birth injuries are immediately obvious – some, like cerebral palsy, can go undetected until a growing child has symptoms of delayed or abnormal development. This can happen even years after birth.

Infants injured at birth by a preventable mistake are a primary focus of our legal practice. And we have a proven record of success. With over 30 years experience litigating birth injuries, our lawyers are among the most experienced birth injury lawyers in Washington. The birth injury attorneys at Tinker Law Firm, PLLC have recovered millions of dollars for infants and families seriously harmed by the failure of doctors and hospitals to detect and properly treat complications during birth.

If your child shows delays in development or if you had a traumatic or problematic labor and delivery, contact Tinker Law Firm, PLLC today.

Failure to diagnose serious medical conditions

Proper medical treatment for an illness or injury depends on a proper diagnosis. Even many serious conditions can be successfully treated  if the patient is diagnosed correctly. Sometimes, though, a doctor’s diagnostic error or failure to diagnose means that the patient’s recovery is delayed or, in the worst cases, that the patient suffers preventable permanent injuries or death. Strokes, heart attacks, and cancer are some of the most common medical conditions incorrectly diagnosed, yet these are exactly the sorts of conditions that need prompt life-saving treatment.

Surgical errors

Surgical errors can range from glaring mistakes to modest oversights by physicians and hospital staff, but in all cases the consequences can be tragic. Surgical errors include surgical procedures performed on the wrong patient, or on the wrong part of a patient’s body. Patients also have been put at grave risk when surgical instruments or materials have been left inside their bodies. Surgeons also threaten patients’ health and safety by making mistakes during otherwise proper procedures, and patients can be put at risk of serious infection if instruments and wounds are not cleaned properly.

Other medical negligence

Medical malpractice can injure patients in many other ways, including anesthesia errors during surgery, medication or pharmacy errors that result in patients receiving incorrect dosages or completely wrong medications, and emergency room errors. All can result in serious injury or death for patients who placed their safety and trust in their medical care providers.

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