How Washington’s anti-fraud whistle blower legislation helps us all

By: Angela

Medicare and Medicaid fraud saps precious healthcare dollars from the system, often without a trace. The innocent people who become aware of healthcare fraud (e.g, office staff, accountants, billing specialists) are frequently in the dangerous position of losing their jobs and their careers if they blow the whistle. Thanks to a new law in Washington which becomes effective this fall, Washington State can soon participate in multi-state fraud claims, potentially recouping millions of dollars from fraudulent billing practices. These dollars will be returned to state programs that provide care for the neediest people in our communities.  The law also permits insiders who step to the plate and blow the whistle on fraud to receive a percentage of the recovered funds.

The Washington State Association for Justice has been a staunch advocate of this legislation. Our attorneys are proud to be members of this organization. Contact the attorneys at Morrow Kidman Tinker Macey-Cushman, PLLC if you suspect Medicare or Medicaid billing fraud in your workplace. All contacts are confidential.

Below is a link to a great editorial written by Jim Alderson. Mr. Alderson was a whistle blower in the US Department of Justice’s Columbia/HCA fraud investigation, which resulted in over $2 billion in criminal fines and settlements, following years of unlawful charges to government programs and other fraudulent practices. This piece ran in the Seattle Times this spring. Jim explains why qui tam protections make recovery of stolen funds possible.

Seattle Times editorial by Jim Alderson