Blowing the Whistle on Billing Fraud in Washington

By: Angela

“Why do we always bill Medicare for extra procedures?”

“I’m not sure we really have a client by this name….”

“We provided one item to the patient, but we billed Medicaid for a more expensive item.”

“I think something is fishy with how we bill insurance here.”

Washington State recently changed the law concerning whistleblowers in health care fraud cases. These are unique cases that require a law team with a thorough understanding of medical diagnoses, procedures, and billing practices.

If you have questions about reporting billing fraud in your healthcare workplace, contact Morrow Kidman Tinker Macey-Cushman, PLLC to talk about your case. We will provide a free confidential case evaluation, and answer your questions about whether you qualify as a “relator” under the law. If you have information about fraudulent billing practices, you may be able to share in the total recovery for claims brought on behalf of the government. These laws are in place to encourage regular people to come forward and help stop fraud.

Time is of the essence. The whistleblower must be first to make the claim in order to recover. If the government files an action first, or if another whistleblower steps up before you, you will not share in the recovery. If you know of or suspect fraudulent billing in your workplace, don’t be afraid to talk to a lawyer and find out if you can help the government recover Medicare and Medicaid funds. It pays to have a lawyer looking out for you and protecting your interests, throughout the process.