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Cerebral palsy is a general term that refers to several potentially serious disorders that can arise when a baby’s brain is damaged or develops improperly. Unlike many serious birth injuries, cerebral palsy may go undetected until a child grows older, when symptoms appear after the child begins to have problems achieving normal developmental milestones.

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Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Victims And Their Families Need Experienced Representation

Cerebral palsy describes a number of disorders that usually appear as problems affecting a child’s movement, posture, muscle coordination, senses, and intellectual abilities. The extent of the disorder and its symptoms are unique to each child, depending upon the specific brain injury the child suffered before or during birth.

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy can seem devastating, but it’s important to know that in most cases the disorder is not life-threatening. It is, however, a permanent disorder that doesn’t get better or worse. That means a cerebral palsy victim and family must manage the disorder vigilantly for a lifetime to ensure that the victim’s symptoms don’t lead to harmful medical complications.

That’s also why its critical that birth injury cerebral palsy victims and their families protect their legal rights by retaining skilled and experienced Washington birth injury attorneys. Dedicated cerebral palsy lawyers understand how to get maximum results on Washington birth injury claims. That’s important because cerebral palsy victims may need lifetime care and treatment, with the associated substantial medical and other costs. Having proven Washington birth injury attorneys on your side can make an enormous difference in getting the full legal compensation you and your child deserve, and need, to meet your medical and family support needs.

The trusted Bainbridge Island birth injury attorneys at Morrow Kidman Tinker Macey-Cushman, PLLC have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims of serious birth injuries. We’re respected and trusted for our skillful representation of birth injury victims in serious and complex cases.

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