Seattle Medical Malpractice Law Firm Morrow Kidman Tinker, PLLC, Launches New Website

Medical negligence lawyer Todd Tinker says the firm’s new site provides important information and support to victims of medical malpractice and birth injuries in Washington state.

Bainbridge Island, Wash. – Seattle medical malpractice attorney Todd Tinker today announced that the law firm of Morrow Kidman Tinker Macey-Cushman, PLLC has launched a new website to serve victims of health care negligence.

The firm, based in Bainbridge Island, Wash., represents plaintiffs in serious medical malpractice, birth injury and other personal injury cases throughout Washington state.

The new website,, features an easy-to-navigate interface that provides information on the firm’s areas of practice, cases and lawyers.

“At Morrow Kidman Tinker Macey-Cushman, PLLC we understand the pain a family experiences as a result of medical malpractice and other types of negligence,” Tinker said. “This site provides a wealth of information on what constitutes malpractice in a number of medical areas and how families can get the legal help they need.”

The site provides clear, in-depth information on the firm’s practice areas, which include:

  • Medical mistakes/malpractice, also known as medical negligence that occurs when a medical professional’s negligent act or omission results in injury
  • Cancer and other types of misdiagnosis, including missed, wrong or delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose additional conditions or complications
  • Birth injury, including cerebral palsy and brachial plexus injuries
  • Surgical negligence, including mistakes made before or after the surgery itself
  • Personal injury, such as car accidents, premises liability (slips and falls), pedestrian accidents and products liability (defective or dangerous household products, pharmaceuticals or medical devices).

A section on the website entitled “Our Cases” provides details on outcomes in previous matters handled by the firm, with each case identified by category, allowing potential clients to look for circumstances like theirs and realize they are not alone, Tinker said.

“The website’s section on ‘Our Cases’ shows the firm’s experience and track record of success,” Tinker said. “We believe strongly in doing everything we can to help families who experience malpractice and other personal injuries, including providing as much information as possible and obtaining settlements or judgments that can help ease the financial burden in the face of physical and emotional damage.”

The new site also includes a blog that provides recent news and reports on issues related to medical malpractice, including the latest research and studies.

“The blog helps provide even more up-to-date information to those who have birth injury or other medical malpractice concerns, all part of our firm’s commitment to provide the best information and services to our clients,” Tinker said.

About Morrow Kidman Tinker Macey-Cushman, PLLC

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