Common Injuries from the Negligent Administration of Drugs

Negligent Administration of Drugs

Prescription drugs are a powerful tool to help patients in a variety of ways from pain management to controlling blood pressure but they are not without risks when mistakes are made. We know that doctors are responsible for prescribing drugs that are appropriate for their patients’ conditions but negligent administration of drugs can also lead to serious injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligent administration of drugs, contact an experienced local medical malpractice lawyer to discuss your legal rights.

What is the Negligent Administration of Drugs?

The negligent administration of drugs is conduct that falls below the standard of care for a particular medical professional who is qualified to prescribe and administer medicine. This type of medical negligence can present in a variety of ways, including:

  •       Failing to determine whether a patient is allergic to certain types of medications or is taking another medication that may interact in a harmful way before administering a drug
  •       Failing to give a patient the instructions for how to use a medication safely
  •       Failing to inform a patient about the potential dangerous side effects of a prescribed medication
  •       Administering intravenous medication too quickly
  •       Administering the wrong dose of a prescription drug
  •       Administering the wrong drug
  •       Dispensing a drug with the wrong label

Whether you need prescription medication while you are receiving in-patient treatment or you’re picking up a prescription from your doctor at a pharmacy, you are depending on medical professionals to administer your medication properly. Medical professionals have a duty to ensure that prescription medication is received exactly as prescribed by your physician. A mistake of any kind can lead to serious injuries.

Common Injuries from the Negligent Administration of Drugs

There are several common injuries that may result from the negligent administration of drugs, including:

  •       Heart failure
  •       Amputation
  •       Allergic reactions
  •       Overdose
  •       Brain damage
  •       Memory loss
  •       Disorientation & dizziness
  •       Death
  •       Stroke
  •       Blood clots
  •       Seizures 

A local medical malpractice lawyer with experience in drug error and negligent administration of drugs cases is best suited to determining whether medical negligence led to your injuries.

Negligent administration of drugs claim

In order to establish that a negligent administration of drugs led to your injuries, a medical malpractice lawyer will carefully investigate all aspects of your claim. Among other things, they may review medical and pharmacy records and speak to medical experts. Some cases are more complicated than others but no matter what, an expert is needed to prove that negligent administration of drugs occurred and that it was the cause of your injuries. Once it is determined that there is a legitimate claim, the injury lawyer can calculate the approximate value of your claim and help negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf.

Tinker Law Firm settlement for negligent administration of a drug

Our client was hospitalized for a blood clot. Her doctor properly ordered the drug heparin. When he viewed her laboratory test results, he saw the results indicating HITT may be occurring. He testified he considered HITT to be a possibility, but he failed to discontinue the medication for approximately seven to nine hours. Our client sustained severe damage to her legs, ultimately resulting in the amputation of portions of both legs. We were able to secure a $1 million dollar settlement on behalf of our client. Read more.

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