$5.22 million settlement in Kitsap County for inadequate pool supervision

Nine-year old non-swimmer Camden McDonald attended the birthday party of a schoolmate at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center. He was able to move into water over his head by floating on a mat provided by the Aquatic Center. When he fell off the mat in about six feet of water, none of the several lifeguards on duty saw him slip under the water. He was under for more than five minutes before another patron found him while walking across the pool. Camden lived but sustained a serious anoxic brain injury. Because early treatment greatly increases the prospects of recovery in brain injury cases, we pushed the case to settle quickly. Two days after the one-year anniversary of the event, we settled with the tortfeasors and got the family much-needed money to provide for Camden’s care and treatment. The Aquatic Center has altered the manner in which its lifeguards monitor the pool.