How do I know whether I have a good case?

We help you with that when you contact us. We can learn a lot about your potential case by having an in-depth phone conversation with you. If we feel your case meets our initial criteria, a full evaluation of your case will includea thorough review of your medical records, legal and medical literature research, and, in many cases, consultation with medical and other professional experts. We consider who may have been negligent (it may be more than one person or entity), the nature and extent of the injury, and whether negligence was the actual cause of the injury. There is no charge for our initial consultation and review.

At Kidman Tinker, PLLC we have a record of success representing victims of negligent medical errors in Seattle and throughout Washington state. Contact us to discuss your case and your legal rights in a free consultation. You can reach us by phone or by using our online contact form.