How long will my case take?

In most cases, our Intake Specialist will be your initial contact. She will take notes on key information and then discuss the potential case with the attorneys as soon as possible and set up a meeting for the attorneys to discuss your case. We know you are anxious to hear back about your claim. You can expect to hear from us with our initial evaluation within days of your call.

In the next evaluation stage of your case, you should expect the process of collecting the facts and, if necessary, locating and retaining favorable experts, to take some time. We update clients as we have new information. Our clients are also welcome to call with questions, and to check the status of our progress.

After your case has been filed, the court will set (or we will ask for) a trial date.Typically, there is a lengthy wait for a trial date.In King County, for example, civil cases are ordinarily set for trial a year or moreafter they are filed.

Although many cases settle before trial, it is often only after we have done a significant amount of work. We prepare every case to go to trial. Much of the time, after we’ve done the necessary work preparing for trial, the defendant will be open to settlement negotiations. Each case is a little different and requires a unique strategy.